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Dancing Dynamite

V-LN: 2132359 - V-ID: 824
Hannoveraner Rappe Stallion

Unfortunately deceased. Rest in Peace.

This horse is offline


Grand Prix Spécial

Ownership history

Is owned by
inactiv Sportpferdezucht McFadden-Cooper (Tanja)

Dancer XI


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Offspring in this register

Dancing Dynamite has 4 Offspring
Name Breed Gender Color Dam
Dws Comtesse
v-LN: 7900191 - v-ID: 647
Westfale Mare Fuchs Championara M
v-LN: 8829518 - v-ID: 1482
Sportpferdezucht McFadden-Cooper
Everybodys Darling D
v-LN: 865825 - v-ID: 2234
Hannoveraner Mare Rappe Eisprinzessin
v-LN: 5935525 - v-ID: 4644
Lady Lavaletta D
v-LN: 5763543 - v-ID: 2233
Westfale Mare Dunkelbrauner Luzie
v-LN: 2968932 - v-ID: 84326
Make Believe Chouchou des Dame D
v-LN: 4127761 - v-ID: 653
Hannoveraner Mare Rappe My Secret Love
v-LN: 801409 - v-ID: 818
DS Lindenhof

More information

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Dancing Dynamite has no awards

Results in the register

Dancing Dynamite is not registered at any association
Dancing Dynamite reached 6 Tournament Points.

Rank Date Announcement Event Location Owner
1 2013-04-07 Dressur L, 1. Abteilung Dressur von Anfang Gegen Bilderklau
Jana Schäfer

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