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Bohemia Clasica

V-LN: 145391 - V-ID: 63597
American Warmblood Rappsabino (EeaanSb) Mare
169cm Height

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Born on (according to registry): 07.09.2017



Ownership history

Bred by
Crimson Trail Stables

Is owned by
Crimson Trail Stables

Rothes Tijuana DH
v-LN: 1455373
Fuchssabino Brandenburger

FL Tiger Hill
v-LN: 4418134
Brauner Brandenburger

Take it Easy EH
v-LN: 3516838
Brauner Brandenburger

v-LN: 2469493
Brauner Brandenburger

DFs As you like it GN
v-LN: 8055453
Fuchs Brandenburger

GNs Furio GE
v-LN: 5088793
Fuchs Thüringer Warmblut

Donnergöttin B
v-LN: 5580300
Fuchs Zweibrücker


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Offspring in this register

Bohemia Clasica has no offspring listed

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Bohemia Clasica has no more information

Breeding Evaluation

Bohemia Clasica hasn't qualified for evaluation yet.


Bohemia Clasica has no awards

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Bohemia Clasica is not registered at any association

Bohemia Clasica has not achieved any national results

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