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Classy Lady

V-LN: 466717 - V-ID: 82519
Paint Horse Chestnut Overo (eeAanOnW20) Mare
160cm Height

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Born on (according to registry): 19.09.2018



Ownership history

Is owned by
Kaimel Stable (Heather)

Kenos Jackpot
Paint Horse

Far Ute Keno

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Classy Luck

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Paint Horse


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Ruready Bug

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Offspring in this register

Classy Lady has 2 Offspring
Name Birthed Breed Gender Color Sire Owner
KS A Classy Joke
v-LN: 3512909 - v-ID: 50246
19.02.2004 Paint Horse Mare Buckskin Tovero Jokes On You
v-LN: 6524487 - v-ID: 281
Nereus Riding Center
KS Knowshesclassy
v-LN: 9887485 - v-ID: 87982
01.01.2007 Paint Horse Mare Chestnut Tobiano Mr Knowitall
v-LN: 5012350 - v-ID: 50168
Kaimel Stable

More information

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Breeding Evaluation

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Results in the register

Classy Lady is not registered at any association

Classy Lady has not achieved any national results

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