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RGE Alvias

V-LN: 582768 - V-ID: 5386
Westfale Dunkelbraun Stallion

This horse is offline
Born on (according to registry): 00.00.0000



Ownership history

Is owned by
private owner

RGE Aber Prontos Anaxos
v-LN: 2902990
Brauner Westfale

Dws Aber Pronto
v-LN: 830996
Brauner Westfale

Adore Me
v-LN: 2926393
Brauner Rheinländer

FL Cabri
v-LN: 8919135
Brauner Westfale

RGE Vianne Dw
v-LN: 785653
Brauner Hannoveraner

Polargold Dw
v-LN: 4567317
Brauner Westfale

v-LN: 2436779
Dunkelbrauner Hannoveraner

Engels Pretty Woman RS
v-LN: 6533382
Dunkelbrauner Holsteiner

Prince of Persia

privates Zuchtpferd

privates Zuchtpferd

Amsterdams RS Bramous
v-LN: 2349600
Dunkelbrauner Holsteiner

AAM Boateng

v-LN: 2570982
Rappe Holsteiner

Offspring in this register

Alvias has 2 Offspring
Name Birthed Breed Gender Color Dam Owner
RGE Caris
v-LN: 7778894 - v-ID: 4822
01.09.1983 Westfale Mare Fuchs RGE Caileen
v-LN: 8982401 - v-ID: 14071
Zuchtstall Moorwiesen
RGE Carrie
v-LN: 5188980 - v-ID: 2851
unknown Westfale Mare Brauner Eifelstals Cancara
v-LN: 2103227 - v-ID: 14073

More information

Stand bei Sahra Warmbloods, ist jetzt nicht mehr auffindbar.

Breeding Evaluation

RGE Alvias hasn't qualified for evaluation yet.


Alvias has no awards

Results in the register

Alvias is not registered at any association

Alvias has not achieved any national results

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