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Always Minty

V-LN: 697157 - V-ID: 14287
Englisches Vollblut Brauner (EE Aa) Stallion

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Born on (according to registry): 01.01.1970



Ownership history

Is owned by
Windfield Farm

All Energy xx
v-LN: 9660739
Dunkelbrauner Englisches Vollblut


privates Zuchtpferd

privates Zuchtpferd

Nervous Pet

privates Zuchtpferd

privates Zuchtpferd

Mintly S
v-LN: 8858598
Dunkelbrauner Englisches Vollblut

Kris S


Sharp Queen

Mint Slice

Storm Cat


Offspring in this register

Always Minty has 9 Offspring
Name Birthed Breed Gender Color Dam Owner
WFF Freshly Minted xx
v-LN: 4547077 - v-ID: 9016
01.01.2000 Englisches Vollblut Stallion Braun Firm But Friendly xx
v-LN: 9271461 - v-ID: 46028
Gestüt Johannsen
WFF Mint Rebellion
v-LN: 6352645 - v-ID: 14284
01.01.1970 Irish Sport Horse Stallion Brauner Daisy Lady
v-LN: 908224 - v-ID: 14292
Windfield Farm
WFF Minted China
v-LN: 1132589 - v-ID: 4707
01.01.2008 Irish Sport Horse Stallion Schimmel Foxglen Doll
v-LN: 7979001 - v-ID: 18467
Sportpferde Winter
WFF Minty Frolic
v-LN: 2564175 - v-ID: 74746
24.04.2018 Englisches Vollblut Stallion Brauner Frolic Ring
v-LN: 6844387 - v-ID: 91279
Gestüt Rheinau
WFF Curiously Minty
v-LN: 2560887 - v-ID: 66938
02.12.2017 Englisches Vollblut Mare Brauner Sabino WFF Curious Georgette
v-LN: 613444 - v-ID: 66945
Rising Sun Stables
WFF Mint Condition
v-LN: 1290547 - v-ID: 11621
17.10.2019 Englisches Vollblut Mare Brauner BBS Lioness Rampant
v-LN: 7060196 - v-ID: 100014
Southern Acres Inc
Nordlicht Mint NORDIC
v-LN: 7099276 - v-ID: 48329
01.01.2016 Holsteiner Mare Brauner Cyrielle Wv
v-LN: 4790992 - v-ID: 58787
Gut Sinnesro
S Peppermint
v-LN: 4371191 - v-ID: 103206
05.06.2019 Anglo Arabian Mare Gray Sanchia
v-LN: - v-ID: 103205
Cajun Cross Ranch
WFF Sir Mint xx
v-LN: 5704226 - v-ID: 1578
01.01.2003 Englisches Vollblut Gelding Brauner Regal Star xx
v-LN: - v-ID: 33094

More information

Always Minty has no more information

Breeding Evaluation

Always Minty was approved for evaluations because of ASEA results and was evaluated on 24.11.2019

Conformation: 9
Movement: 5
Rideability: 5
Type: 5
Overal Impression: 6
All in all 30 points


Always Minty has no awards

Results in the register

Always Minty is not registered at any association

Always Minty has not achieved any national results

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