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Utsiktens Wall-E

V-LN: 9620535 - V-ID: 8609
Schwedisches Warmblut Dunkelbrauner Stallion

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Born on (according to registry): 01.01.1970



Ownership history

Is owned by
private owner

Utsiktens Isaac Newton
v-LN: 1949724
Bay Swedish Warmblood

Utsiktens Deep Silent Complete
v-LN: 1817138
Dunkelbrauner Schwedisches Warmblut

Word Up S
v-LN: 953675

SCN Delilah
v-LN: 7649725
Schimmel Schwedisches Warmblut

Skörbys Valentina
v-LN: 3455603
Brown Swedish Warmblood

Kourus Bork
v-LN: 4013967
Brauner Schwedisches Warmblut

Skörbys Valencia
v-LN: 1968991
Brauner Schwedisches Warmblut

Luna's Madame Homais
v-LN: 6378084
Schwedisches Warmblut

v-LN: 4117084
Dark Bay Dutch Warmblood



Luna's Madame Bovary
v-LN: 6249761
Brauner Schwedisches Warmblut

Sunstones Vitali
v-LN: 7904285
Swedish Warmblood

Wikens Zonette
v-LN: 7001372
Swedish Warmblood

Offspring in this register

Utsiktens Wall-E has 4 Offspring
Name Birthed Breed Gender Color Dam Owner
Calimero Af Luminess
v-LN: 2304273 - v-ID: 81860
01.01.1970 Schwedisches Warmblut Stallion Rappe Wilson Gårds Capra
v-LN: 3269055 - v-ID: 80228
Twill-E af Luminess
v-LN: 2594945 - v-ID: 86061
01.01.1970 Swedish Warmblood Stallion Black Twilight
v-LN: 9966365 - v-ID: 86064
Stall Heaven
SCN Willy Wonka
v-LN: 234661 - v-ID: 49380
11.02.2011 Schwedisches Warmblut Stallion Dunkelbrauner GNs Birthday Girl
v-LN: 9062435 - v-ID: 11992
Nereus Riding Center
Brimstones Don Vitalis
v-LN: 3806079 - v-ID: 8311
16.06.2007 Schwedisches Warmblut Gelding Brauner Utsiktens Epica
v-LN: 6278880 - v-ID: 8611
Rv Ehra

More information

- herausfordernd
- verzogen
- aufmüpfig
- antriebslos
- offenherzig
- fügsam
- keck

Breeding Evaluation

Utsiktens Wall-E hasn't qualified for evaluation yet.


Utsiktens Wall-E has no awards

Results in the register

Utsiktens Wall-E is not registered at any association

Utsiktens Wall-E has not achieved any national results

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