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Silberpfeils Thirza GN

V-LN: 9857557 - V-ID: 550
Württemberger Brauner (E/e A/a) Mare
Extensive genetics: E/e A/a

Unfortunately deceased. Rest in Peace.

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Born on (according to registry): 01.01.1997


Dressur A - Springen S*

Ownership history

Is owned by
Nereus Riding Center (Nessa)

v-LN: 6121242
Dunkelfuchs Württemberger







Mirror Of Silence
v-LN: 3104597
Brauner Holsteiner

Mirrors Looking to Me

Miles Away

Straight Face

Silence at Night

Don't Shout

Nice Nightmare

Offspring in this register

Thirza has 7 Offspring
Name Birthed Breed Gender Color Sire Owner
GNs Cyrus Tex
v-LN: 2666262 - v-ID: 1521
13.05.1999 Württemberger Stallion Brauner Cyrus Farce Sw
v-LN: 8119696 - v-ID: 361
Rising Sun Stables
GNs Leeroy
v-LN: 6449117 - v-ID: 2278
01.01.2002 Oldenburger Stallion Buckskin GN Lexley Winds
v-LN: 624674 - v-ID: 224
Sportzentrum Redbird
GNs Loki
v-LN: 9168820 - v-ID: 1931
01.01.2011 Oldenburger Stallion Buckskin GN Lexley Winds
v-LN: 624674 - v-ID: 224
Nereus Riding Center
GNs Samwise Says
v-LN: 8993339 - v-ID: 5651
01.01.2009 Württemberger Stallion Braunschecke GNs Samwise Deluxe
v-LN: 3360337 - v-ID: 239
Nereus Riding Center
GNs Status Symbol
v-LN: 5279396 - v-ID: 44472
02.02.2020 Württemberger Stallion Fuchs GNs Status Quo
v-LN: 573777 - v-ID: 226
Golden Eagle Farm
GNs Tamina
v-LN: 1144528 - v-ID: 18644
unknown Württemberger Mare Fuchs Cartago Creed Sw
v-LN: 9229431 - v-ID: 214
Maple Hill Equestrian
GNs Thalia
v-LN: 2116912 - v-ID: 8984
01.01.2007 Württemberger Mare Brauner FL Tiger Hill
v-LN: 4418134 - v-ID: 227
DS Lindenhof

More information

Thirza has no more information

Breeding Evaluation

Silberpfeils Thirza GN hasn't qualified for evaluation yet.


Thirza has no awards

Results in the register

Thirza is not registered at any association

Thirza reached 3 Tournament Points.

Rank Date Announcement Event Location Owner
2012-04-17 Warmblutschau Stuten Großes Schauevent - Stuten Turnierstall Kleemann Gestüt Nereus

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