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ID Name Color Breed Gender Sire Dam Owner
1082 WPE Magnifica
v-LN: 4186885
Brauner Pura Raza Española Stute Mestrella Grandiosa II Gestüt Rheinau
2313 WPE Master Issue
v-LN: 4113332
Brauner Englisches Vollblut Hengst Issued xx The Derby Queen xx Tears of the Sun
61564 WPE Maximum Effect
v-LN: 6204911
Bay Bavarian Warmblood Hengst Train of Thought WPE Deliverance privater Halter
60659 WPE Mythology
v-LN: 1648545
Rappe Pura Raza Española Stute Legendario Descarada II Zuchtstall Meiningen
57637 WPE Noble Valiant
v-LN: 3933570
Palomino Schwedisches Warmblut Stute Prince Valiant Costilay Blackwell Inc.
44902 WPE Oblique
v-LN: 1202243
Rappe Holsteiner Stute Soulkeeper Caprice Blackwell Inc.
82777 WPE One Fine Day
v-LN: 9087037
Bay Schwedisches Warmblut Stute Just de Pomme Goedele Blackwell Inc.
1073 WPE Palestino
v-LN: 7104453
Rappe Pura Raza Española Hengst Legendario Descarada II Gestüt Rheinau
63553 WPE Quelsa
v-LN: 120242
Buckskin Puro Sangue Lusitano Stute Velasco Sócrates Quimona Blackwell Inc.
9230 WPE Refreshe
v-LN: 9502837
brauner Schwedisches Warmblut Hengst WPE Arlington Zerville Sportpferde Vehring
4694 WPE River Song
v-LN: 5425750
Schimmel Bayrisches Warmblut Stute Raffaello Donnacarlos Kaimel Stable
58438 WPE Riverstein
v-LN: 8085856
Schimmel Bayrisches Warmblut Hengst Raffaello Cahoots Golden Eagle Farm
63543 WPE Royal Ramiro
v-LN: 7582469
Chestnut Holsteiner Stute Cyrus Farce Nalani Blackwell Inc.
5131 WPE Royal Reserve
v-LN: 2106335
Schimmel Bayrisches Warmblut Stute WPE Raffaello WPE Donnacarlos Gestüt Soul
74424 WPE Seeking Gold
v-LN: 3544674
Brauner KWPN Stute RRB Something Silver Artador Vollmond Elite
80578 WPE Sensability
v-LN: 9446320
Schimmel Bayrisches Warmblut Stute Sansibar virtuelles Zuchtpferd Blackwell Inc.
80568 WPE Sertainty
v-LN: 1891213
Schimmel Bayrisches Warmblut Stute Sansibar virtuelles Zuchtpferd Vinatge Inc
82788 WPE Simple Grace
v-LN: 5529134
Braun KWPN Stute RRB Something Silver Katsumi Windfield Farm
80576 WPE Simply Clever
v-LN: 7470242
Fuchs Bayrisches Warmblut Hengst Sansibar WPE Cloverthought Blackwell Inc.
2154 WPE Sweet Sweep
v-LN: 9208314
Brauner Schwedisches Warmblut Stute Sweet Temptation L.A. Baltic Rose Zuchtverband Northern Lights
81752 WPE Tarquinius
v-LN: 5502787
Buckskin Puro Sangue Lusitano Hengst Ignazio Quimona Westveil Estate
5227 WPE Teracotta
v-LN: 1607668
Fuchs Bayrisches Warmblut Stute Train of Thought Donnacarlos Sportzentrum Redbird
65336 WPE Trivial Persuit
v-LN: 1814844
Fuchs Bayrisches Warmblut Stute Train of Thought Donnacarlos Caughey Inc.
17862 WPE Vlavio
v-LN: 3639804
Rappe Holsteiner Stute For Deeper Impact WPE Venice Blackwell Inc.
1083 WPE Xentrella
v-LN: 2007716
Schimmel Pura Raza Española Stute Mestrella Xenopha Blackwell Inc.
80406 Wraestina
v-LN: 9607009
Fuchs Hannoveraner Stute Warkant St. Pr. St. Graefin O Vollmond Elite
52676 Wrapped Up E.O
v-LN: 1492900
Bay Standardbred Hengst Airforce Dreamline Eldritch Farm
95125 WRAs Knock Out Leon
v-LN: 646839
Palomino Tobiano Paint Horse Hengst AC' Colonels Cash N Leon Cappuccino Cream Kaimel Stable
20769 WRAs Sparkling Caspian
v-LN: 4267411
Chestnut Spotted Blanket Appaloosa Hengst Hollywoods Finest Tenderlon Monuments Blue Fancy Dundee MSR Green Oak Stables
51828 WRAs Teardrops Painted Soraya
v-LN: 108290
Bay Overo Appendix Stute Fight For Freedom xx Do It With Only Teardrops Westernzucht Reining Addicted
17362 BRI Written in Reverse
v-LN: 5754474
Buckskin Irish Sport Horse Hengst Rebelution MP Doyles Call Me Maybe Nereus Riding Center
1626 Written in Stone
v-LN: 6036014
Schimmel Quarter Horse Stute Written Romantic My Lady Nereus Riding Center
99347 BQ Written In Verse
v-LN: 5044390
Buckskin Welsh Mountain Pony Stute Winners Nugget Yonder Hill Quappelle Cajun Cross Ranch
68871 WS Dream
v-LN: 4234474
Fuchs Hannoveraner Hengst For Pleasure Wallstreet Starfire Inc.
51743 WS Firestyle
v-LN: 2923363
Grullo Quarter Horse Stute TR Dunnit In Style Sweet Firefly Tanglewood Ranch
76540 WST Cali Girl
v-LN: 8097844
Bay Arabian Stute Sk Shakla Khan Gleniph De-ja-vu Morellens Stuteri
112489 WT Cappuccino Royale
v-LN: 7235725
Buckskin Deutsches Reitpony Hengst NDC Cinnamon Cappuccino SCN Nyan Cat Sportpferdezentrum König
90933 NDC Wulcano
v-LN: 4111172
Grey Swedish Warmblood Hengst Rubenicer Virgin Snow NDC
51557 PS Wulffen
v-LN: 3337862
Buckskin Deutsches Reitpony Hengst Walter Nevermore Ponyzucht Smaho
51728 Wunderbar
v-LN: 7579266
Lichtfuchs Haflinger Hengst Wunderboy Jaccoline Whispering Hollow Stud
8503 Wunderbar
v-LN: 637806
Schimmel (Ee/AA/Gg) Vesländer Reitpony Hengst Wundertraum Oktana Reitschule Cederberg
45635 Wunderbar GN
v-LN: 2119910
Dunkelbrauner Hannoveraner Hengst Wunderknabe Galina II Gestüt Johannsen
95019 Meinings' Wunderblume
v-LN: 3438922
unbekannt unbekannt Stute Markant Ecstasy privater Halter
50069 Wunderhübsch J
v-LN: 1580234
Dunkelbraune Württemberger Stute Wunderbar Kreuths Valley of Tears Deckstation Dörenwald
79310 Lissabons Wunderkind ZL
v-LN: 1196509
Fuchs Hannoveraner Hengst Lissabon Wandola Hannoveranerzucht Zur Linde
2356 GNs Wunderkind
v-LN: 7113718
Rappe Hannoveraner Hengst Wunderknabe Je Taime Nereus Riding Center
5421 A.T. Wunderkind O
v-LN: 8888360
Lichtfuchs Haflinger Hengst Wendelin Merci privater Halter
5538 Wunderknabe
v-LN: 4354802
Rappe Hannoveraner Hengst Westley Princess Tilli Gestüt Nereus
19165 Wunderliebe
v-LN: 5104730
Braun Hannoveraner Stute Wunderknabe Liebesspiel Sportpferde Winter
47744 Wundermädel J
v-LN: 4640624
Dunkelbraune Württemberger Stute Wunderbar Freyr K Reitschule Cederberg

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